1. Black Duval says:

    Gucci was messing with Keyshia way back in 08. Gotti had already smashed during the spells Gucci was locked up in 2009-10…

    Gucci and Keyshia then got serious in 2010. She was being showcased in his videos at the time like 911 Emergency….

    Like you said the Beef stemmed from the Mixtape Drop date….

  2. Mr Drizzay says:

    Make sure you mention how Gotti put Gucci on his mixtape in 2011 and how Gucci turn around and sign Og Boo Dirty and Yound Dolph !! And he knew Og Boo Dirty and Yo Gotti had serious beef then Jeezy started reaching more out to Gotti and that’s also where Dolph and Gotti beef started because Gotti wouldnt do a feature for Dolph he had opportunity to sign with Gotti but said he was staying independent but ended up signing with Gucci then Gucci went to jail do y’all research next time

  3. James Flamingo says:

    If u really pay attention Gotti is phony. Dont nobody talking about drugs, money, and violence that much. But you dont get in no trouble in the streets? !!!!! Nah. Yo Gotti do ride people waves….he is also a jealous hater too. He hated on 3-6 when he was coming up. I haven't been a fan of him since 03 "Life " . Back then he was very lyrical. After that he just start rapping about cocaine. SELLOUT. I dont like dolph music but I like him as a man. Dont let Gotti ride ur wave

  4. ljavery10 says:

    Yell me this how after allll those years gucci now can grow a beard..tgat nigga ai t have one all his life then boom a full beard out of now where..jus like jay z "lacefront" (coughs) i mean dreadlocks🤔😔🤷🏾‍♂

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