From Spotify for Artist Listen to this Fantastic Song: Besame by Nayan

Born in India and spending early years of his childhood in Spain and the UK.. Nayan has made Los Angeles his home for over two decades. He’s an Indian musician who by all accounts beats all the odds. Its like an age old story of a talented kid who wants to make it big doing something he loves.. and never gets rattled by critics. His sounds are fresh and relatable..

He’s unique.. reminiscent of the Weeknd’s music with a hint of Post Malone and the musicality of Maluma. Its catchy and groovy. You feel like tapping your feet as your body begins to move along with the beat. Be sure to look out for Nayan. He’s about to drop new Bollywood single ‘Lovin’ as well as his Latin Pop Spanglish banger ‘Besame’. He grew up all over the world so it’ll be interesting to see where his music takes him. Just listen to his music and you’ll hear one of the most dynamic newer artists around.

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