From Spotify Artists Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice Listen to the amazing song: Bombshell

Out on 19 July 2023 the new work by Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice. A double single entitled Bombshell available on all digital platforms.

Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice – Bombshell

After the success of the album Potatoes on Mars, the italian group publishes two new songs that are placed in the central part of the album currently in production entitled “Transhumanity” which analyzes the transformation of the human being from sapiens to digitalis.

Bombshell, the title track, is a dance rock piece dedicated to Hedy Lamarr, a famous inventor and actress in Hollywood in the 40s and 50s.

The B-Side of this double single is The Ballad of Alan Mathison. A curious prog ballad with a lofi intro that takes us back to 1940s London bombed by the Nazis. It tells the earthly story of Alan Turing, inventor of artificial intelligence.

Even in these songs, Andrea Pizzo’s group puts science and everything that revolves around it at the center of the lyrics, telling the story of two important inventors.

“We were interested in talking about these two great, unfortunate and forgotten inventors who have had such a great impact on contemporary society – explains Andrea Pizzo of The Purple Mice – Hedy Lamarr is considered the inventor of WiFi and Bluetooth among other things, Alan Turing is the one who theorized artificial intelligence and saved England and Europe from Nazi rule by deciphering the Enigma code. Both during their lives, especially at the end, were victims of prejudice and human wickedness. We felt it was our duty to celebrate them.”

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