From Spotify Artist xbirdsforeyesx Listen to the amazing song: Emotion

Sulaiman Haider is a 23-year-old DIY musician from Islamabad, Pakistan, now based in London. He started his project xbirdsforeyesx in 2022, with the goal of being self-sufficient and expressing himself freely through his music.

Haider’s motivation for starting xbirdsforeyesx is clear: he was “designed for this, it’s in my code.” He sees his music as a way to heal from his experiences and connect with others on a deeper level.

“My music is my soul, and it’s my redemption arc,” he says. “I’m mad, I’m gifted, I’m cursed.”

Haider’s DIY approach to music production is evident in his music. His songs are raw, unfiltered, and experimental. He incorporates elements of his Pakistani heritage into his sound, creating a unique and eclectic mix of genres.

“I want to need nobody for me to express myself, to make my music,” he says.

Haider is a young artist with a lot of potential. He is passionate about his music and driven to succeed.

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