From Spotify Artist X OHH Listen to the amazing song: Comms

x ohh is an independent music artist from Ohio. x ohh began creating music for fun, and as a way to express himself in 2021. Now, currently residing in Tokyo, x ohh is pursuing music with both feet on the pedal in this explosive track ” COMMS “. Comms is an example of the raw talent, dedication, the skillset, and perseverance of x ohh. At the current moment in time, x ohh is not interested in a record deal, however, if a good deal comes his way he says: ” I won’t count it out.” Other than music, x ohh is a brand owner, and a spiritual leader amongst his peers. He always speaks his mind and tries to motivate others to do better in this life. His motto is ” you only get one life, so live it up, and do the best you can. Live hard, and love even harder. ”

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