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WLHM is an Australian DJ and Producer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

He is the creator and head of Rio Underground, Copacabana Beach Club and Rio Sunset Sessions, as well as the co-founder of promoters Lost & Found RJ.

Born to Chilean parents and raised in Australia, WLHM started Djing in his early twenties, after developing a keen interest in the famous Sydney techno scene. With South American DNA and an Aussie mindset, WLHM has always been a globetrotter with an entrepreneurial spirit. Throughout his career he has Djed in underground scene in the main cities of the world, from New York & Miami USA; Ibiza, Spain; Santiago, Chile; Sao Paulo & Rio De Janeiro; Cali, Colombia.

After spending some time in New York, WLHM moved to Rio de Janeiro three years ago in order to work with local artists and inject some international talent into the nascent club scene. The dizzying musical heritage and party-all-night attitude of the locals, coupled with the beautiful surroundings and untapped potential for European-style club events has seen WLHM organize and participate in some of the most exciting nightlife events in the city’s recent history; Rio Underground; Rio Sunset Sessions & Copacabana Beach Club.

Whether co-producing or Dj’ing, WLHM has a knack for reading an audience, playing up tempo techno fused with deep house which is guaranteed to get the crowd moving while pleasing the connoisseurs of the scene.

He is the Co-founder of Tech House label Codigo56 Records, along side with SamSilva and Nick Bennett. He also founded the Techno label Ipanema Records.

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