From Spotify Artist VELVET INSANE Listen to the amazing song: Sweet As It Can Be

The energetic VELVET INSANE have truly become a band to reckon with on the Swedish and international rock scene. Hard touring, an endless driving force, collaborations with other artists and much more.

Today, 10 years ago, the band was founded when guitarist Jesper Lindgren met singer Jonas Eriksson for the first time and plans for an over the top Glamrock band were put into action.

This 10 year anniversary is celebrated with a new single from the upcoming album High Heeled Monster. The single, “Sweet As It Can Be” is a swinging party song with all the ingredients that an anthem by Velvet Insane has.

“The song is us and everything we are to. 100% both in lyrics and music. This is one of my personal favorites on the album: the lyrics, the powerful sax solo, the hooky chorus, the twangy guitars. It’s a great song to sum up 10 years.” – Jesper Lindgren

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