From Spotify Artist TYK Jonny Listen to the amazing song: Babygirl

Jonathan Nunez, otherwise known as “TYK Jonny” is a Cuban born rapper/singer who’s specialty is singing/rapping in English & Spanish. The self proclaimed “Best Bilingual Artist in the country” started his music career late at the age of 22. Within a short time frame, TYK Jonny has made leaps and bounds in his career. These leaps and bounds include everything from music quality to most importantly versatility. His first hit was a song called “Pretty Little Thing” (which can be found on his soundcloud). In this song TYK Jonny first showed off his range and versatility with his new age flows and lyrics. Since then, The Young King has kept on growing his fanbase, expanding on his sound, and constantly keeps trying to improve not only as an artist but as a man as well.

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