From Spotify Artist Ty* Listen to the amazing song: Borrowed Sweaters

Born October 10th, 1999 in Columbia, Missouri; rapper/singer/vocalist TyQuerion McDonald, a.k.a Ty*, emerged in the music scene with an unusual yet relatable path to success. Even with him struggling to find his voice early on in his career it wouldn’t be long until he would develop his own unique sound. Ranging from Hip-Hop and R&B to Pop and Dancehall, his versatile style keeps listeners guessing on what direction he might go with every song. Influenced by artists such as Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and 6lack just to name a few, he uses an introspective rap style, moody and vulnerable melodies and witty punchlines to get his point across to the listener in a way that makes them think and keep coming back for more. You can hear the growth in his work from his first playlist Too Late for Friends Now released in May of 2022 to his next project released just a couple months later the same year in July, Unforgiven. He has collaborated with other known Missouri artists such as JT London and Khale but has many more which have yet to be released.

Moving around a lot as a kid, Ty became used to the idea of starting over. Moving from Mid Missouri to Central Minnesota at the impressionable age of 5 years old and going to over 5 different elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 3 high schools, Ty had trouble keeping close friendships he had built and was forced to become accustomed to being ‘the new kid.’ However, he would come to meet a group of guys that stuck with him through it all, collectively known as Big 10 Blakely, the brand named after his Grandfather Wayne Blake whom he’s looked up to his whole life. The underground artist continues to experiment with new sounds and styles while gaining new supporters daily and making his name known more throughout the industry showcasing his undying love for music and relentless work ethic to perfect his craft on his journey to becoming a household name.

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