From Spotify Artist The Foxtails Listen to the amazing song: Aphrodite

After building remarkable momentum throughout the past two years with the release of singles like “Neon, Baby,” “Chill Vibe Girl,” and “We Didn’t Know” establishing their name firmly on the playlists of listeners all around the globe, The Foxtails were clearly ready for the moment where their preparation met opportunity.

Arriving in the form of one of their personal heroes, singer Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens, they collectively set their sights on creating a collaboration unlike any other, which resulted in a colorful explosion of sound second to none on their brand-new song “Aphrodite,” available June 2nd. From the sensationally energetic hybrid vibes of Pop/Punk that the duo of Kevin & Ethan in The Foxtails are building their legacy on, to the radiantly evocative guest appearance from Kellin, to the bulletproof hooks woven into the fabric of every second in their new single, “Aphrodite” is as irresistible as the myth of the legendary goddess herself.

Breaking out of California with a date set for worldwide fame, earned by an undeniably charming duo that creates an all-out ferociously melodic vibe, “Aphrodite” is another red-hot lead-single in advance of their upcoming debut album coming out this summer

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