From Spotify Artist The Bluechips Listen to the amazing song: So Good ( Radio Edit )

In today’s modern world of compartmentalized genres with artists narrowing their scope for ever diminishing returns, there is nothing finer than seeing a band free to explore boundaries & stretch themselves into places where few would fear to tread. The Bluechips are one such group who pulsate with the energy of musicians unafraid to express themselves in whatever direction they choose to follow.
From Hip Hop, Country, RnB, Pop & Soul, they have been releasing music as a collective since 2020 from the heart of Charlotte NC. Befitting of the regions rich tapestry of sound, their music is a melting pot of influences which will satisfy any appetite. With a back catalogue that features numerous singles including their standout hit Lebron James, their independently released album What A Girl Wants is a breathtaking example of the organic skills the The Blurechips possess.
Now about to reassert their position as a dynamic & fluid band, they will once again enter the main stage with new original songs. Supported by live performances across the country, they have a proven track record of entertaining & engaging audiences wherever they play. They are the epitome of a professional band of brothers & sisters dedicated to sharing their craft with a loyal & expanding fanbase.
Venturing into the realms of multimedia, advertising & video production, there is nothing they can’t turn their hands to. Watch their stocks rise as 2023 unfolds & ride the waves the The Bluechips will generate.

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