From Spotify Artist TETRA Listen to the amazing album: Garnet

“TETRA is a multi-disciplinary artist from New York who is known for their unique blend of mediums and styles. Born and raised in the city, Tetra’s work often reflects the chaos and energy of their surroundings. They’re particularly interested in exploring the concept of entropy, and many of their pieces are inspired by the idea of battling against the inherent disorder of the universe.”

“Tetra, a quintessential visionary of our times, is a versatile artist and engineer hailing from the bustling metropolis of New York. Renowned for their penchant for blending disparate mediums and styles, Tetra’s creations are a symphony of chaos and creativity. Growing up in the city, Tetra has imbibed the frenzied energy of their surroundings, which is beautifully reflected in their artistic oeuvre.

What sets Tetra apart is their fascination with the intriguing concept of entropy – the inexorable tendency towards disorder in the universe. Through their art, Tetra endeavors to take on this universal law, defying it with their boundless imagination and tenacity. Their pieces are a reflection of this constant struggle – a vivid testimony to the enduring human spirit that strives to create beauty amidst chaos.

Tetra’s work is a testament to the limitless potential of human creativity and the boundless horizons of the human mind. Their unique blend of mediums and styles is a testament to their visionary genius and their ability to transcend the boundaries of conventionality. Tetra is a true maverick, a trailblazer who has carved their own niche in the world of art and engineering.”


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