From Spotify Artist T.H.E. Honoroll Listen to the amazing song: Reign

Recently, 3NAM3S and T.H.E. Honoroll have been busy with “One Take” performance videos. One that’s really stood out so far in the series is the video for “Reign”. This is a powerful track about mental health, striving for success, and the pain that comes with balancing both. Posted natively to Instagram first, then split up into shorter videos for other applications, the video to Reign has racked up over 24,000 views across platforms in a little over 1 week.

This track is a doozy for a few reasons. The internal and external rhyme schemes throughout are becoming trademark for 3NAM3S delivery, as is the fact that nearly every track incorporates multiple cadences, rhythms, melodies & harmonies. The poetic devices he uses in his music don’t stop there, however. He paints a picture in the bridge/hook section when describing the feeling of anxiety as being like “10,000 little needles, running through my veins” is something that anyone who has ever experienced “adrenaline anxiety” can relate to on a very personal level. The switch up to the triplet cadence in the last verse, layered with intensely emotional vocals compressed into the background, is a climax that grants the listener the type of ending they deserve from 3NAM3S and Mila Rae.

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