From Spotify Artist Syprian Listen to the amazing song: Freedom_In_Darkness

Dive headfirst into the chaos that is Syprian, where music genres are just tools in a sonic playground, and convention can take a hike.
Screw labels; this is all about tearing through unexplored auditory realms with a blend of gnarly synths, glitch-infused elements, and drums that hit like a sledgehammer.
It’s as disorienting as it is captivating, and it doesn’t ask for permission.

The lifeblood of Syprian is a journey through the underbelly of the underground music scene, where every dusk-to-dawn adventure adds another layer of subversive influence.
Whether it’s the distorted wails of a black metal gig or the pulsating bass of an illicit rave, this project embodies the untamed spirit and unapologetic grit of lives lived off the grid.
It’s the soundtrack for late-night grim escapades in neon-soaked alleyways and illicit cyber adventures across clandestine networks.
This is Syprian: where the codes are uncrackable, the nights are long, and the beats are relentless.
Because in the world of Syprian, the best stories are never written in the daylight, prepare to be enveloped by an enigmatic shroud of darkness.

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