From Spotify Artist SUBNR feat. RION S Listen to the amazing song: Get Down Tonight – Ibiza Hot Mix

SUBNR is the professional name of Will Burns a prolific songwriter producer and DJ with a diverse musical background. SUBNR’s incredible creativity and ability to manipulate records in a way that not many other new artists can achieve so quickly. Technically and texturally varied every record the Ibiza based producer releases has tried-and-tested club sound, which he stitches together tastefully away from the stigma of being just relentless four-to-the-floor banging.

SUBNR is a real tailor when it comes to creating music. He has been stitching his own blend of melodic dance music effectively. Infinitely versatile and creative when it comes to the studio. His debut album Planet Hot Mix features an array of well known artists such as Barbara Tucker, Pato Banton and Ade Omotayo incorporating an eclectic mix of soulful electronic music.

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