From Spotify Artist Starchild Listen to the amazing song: Golden Chariot

Hop into Star Child Pop singer “Golden Chariot” to the sky by downloading/streaming the electro dance pop single on July 28th.

Golden Chariot is a mystical Electro Dance Pop song channeling the powers of the Sun god. Riddled with witty poetic hooks, classic club pop arrangements bursting with fierce fun energy of self empowerment.

Starchild wants the listener to dance as they claim their power and channel the sun god. Golden Chariot is a metaphor to believe in your inner powers and channel the suns magic. Escape the bleek real world, and dance to the vibes of the sun.

Join Starchild on July 28th as they Release their single on ITunes and all streaming platforms. Be sure to tune in to their lyric video on youtube as well to see the mystical visuals that accompany the music. Be prepared to trip out and detach from physical reality.

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