From Spotify Artist SINASOUND Listen to the amazing song: Twilight

Sina Hafezi, aka SINASOUND, is a music producer, songwriter and musician based in London. He writes and produces songs in multi-genre including Pop, Rock, Latin, Jazz, R&B, Classical and releases his tracks featuring guest vocalists. He also plays the Piano, Drums and Keyboard professionally.

Twilight is an upbeat pop/funk song based on the theme of Liberty. It was inspired by the human right crisis in the middle east and in particular SINASOUND’s hometown, Iran. The lyric uses night as an analogy for a dark era and promises the rise of the sun with the hope of good days. The promising message is delivered by Twilight. A hopeful music certainly suitable for motivation, hope and celebration.
Twilight refers to the time between dawn and sunrise, a transition from the night to the daytime. It’s the symbol and the first indication of an upcoming light.

The lyric is the story of a girl who wakes up to a mysterious whisper sound and follows it to the Twilight. Although the lyric keeps the identity of this awakening “mystery” as a secret, there are two hints encrypted at the beginning and the end of the song indicating “what/who” this mystery is!
SINASOUND aimed to keep it as a challenge for the listener to unlock this mystery.

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