From Spotify Artist Sergi Felipe Listen to the amazing song: Biased Vision

Saxophonist and composer Sergi Felipe is set to release Biased Vision, the first album by his new group featuring double bassist Masa Kamaguchi and drummer David Xirgu. It comprises a collection of originals recorded at UnderPool studio that demonstrate the leader’s unique understanding of music.

The ten originals that make up Biased Vision are full of surprise and risk; trial and error; elements which Sergi Felipe considers essential in order to achieve the intuitiveness and spontaneity that characterize this trio. The album captures these elements and documents the trio’s ephemeral musical present. The group’s consummate musicianship creates a complicity that is borne out in their ever-evolving, unique language.

The album features guest appearances by pianist Txema Reira on the track Desesperación Nórdia and Old Psalmand, and trumpet player Pol Padrós on Nunca como antes. These collaborations further enrich the assortment of sonorities that can be heard on Biased Vision.

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