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Seanie Vaughan

is a indie rock and folk artist from Ireland. In 2011, Seanie released his debut album “Altered Vision” which reached no.5 in the Irish Indie Album Charts. The album features lyrics with obvious connotations of growing up in rural Ireland. Vaughan spent much of his teenage years behind the family bar in Clifden – perfect training for any prospective songwriter.

The lyrics lead towards themes dealing with landscape, growing up, love, politics and alcoholism – influenced by folk singers like Bob Dylan. There is a real sense that, through this album, the listener is building a relationship with the artist – getting to know his thoughts and emotions through the lyrics and music. In 2015, Seanie released his second album, “Redemption”, a new departure but in many ways it develops on the themes encapsulated in “Altered Vision”.

The album is in the rock genre and the songwriting remains a strong element as Vaughan struggles with the ideas of the changing face of society on a cultural and political level and the sense of national identity. However, there are also deeply personal elements to the album exploring issues like the loss of love and depression. In parts it has a darkness to it but there are also contrasting elements of friendship and love. A key to Vaughan’s music is that each and every person should be able to relate to it and take something away from it for themselves.

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