From Spotify Artist Sarah Rose Listen to the amazing song: Melt into Memories

Sarah Rose is a songwriter, producer and artist from the UK’s South Coast, she spent her early days in London, performing the acoustic set. Her sound combines singer/songwriter and dream pop and draws influence from Imogen Heap, Kate Bush and Lana Del Rey.
Sarah’s live performance combines her classic songwriting, pop sensibility and emotive vocals. In 2022 Sarah supported artists Hannah-Rose Platt and James Walker and in July 23 supported Australian artist Liz Stringer on the first show of her UK tour.
On the recorded side Sarah’s releases have received support from radio stations including BBC Introducing Solent, Country Radio UK, Nashville Sessions York, Amazing Radio and Voice FM.
Her 2022 single, ‘How To Love a Girl’ was crowned a winning song in the 2022 Intercontinental Music Awards and received In-Store sync placements with Caffe Nero and the Guinness Experience in Dublin. In November 22 Sarah released ‘Soul Traveller’, a 6 track EP of emotional electronic pop showcasing a darker side to her songwriting and vocal performance. This was a collaboration with producer Andrew Potterton released on MT Records/MediaTracks.
Sarah’s latest release, ‘Melt into Memories’ (August 23) has been signed to SphereTrax for licensing opportunities.

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