From Spotify Artist PaukiMusic Listen to the amazing song: Dont Need Your Money

Germany’s producer Pascal Paukstadt professionally known as “PaukiMusic”, is a music producer.

Pascal has produced and marketed over hundreds of records throughout his career and composed songs for independent and major record companies such as Nexus Music, CP Music Group and Str8wired Entertainment, just to mention a few.
He has also produced songs with various artists such as Evin Gibson, Jo Shine, Don JayMor, Bobby Bobbsn, Bobby Geroon, Eclipse, Belly, Danny Fernandes, Kelsey Duran, Faydee, Internationall Nova and many many more. Now he works with a very talented young artist named “Mike Reda”. He wrote the lyrics for the track by Marlon Henry “Time to Let You go”.

Pascal’s international recognition has grown tremendously and has allowed him to build many relationships and contacts throughout the music industry Worldwide.

So… Look out world, Pauki is a talented and experienced music producer, supporter and artist manager on the rise ready to show his passion for music through his work.

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