From Spotify Artist Ondra Listen to the amazing song: Seeds of Light

Ondra can grow best away from society. Instead of concrete, noise and many people, he now prefers the company of animals and nature. He rejected external authorities from various organizations from an early age, and over the course of his life he learned to live with the resulting consequences.

He once fled barefoot from a helicopter, led a large group of runaways, lived in many places, and later side by side with Aborigines. These years were particularly formative. As a result, he never came into line with the values ​​of today’s meritocracy which you could feel in his music.

He always knew that no power from outside could ever break his inner child which he himself calls “Sinuwinakaleh”. The music has always been therapeutic and at the same time a portal to another dimension from which he nourishes his soul. Say his name 23 times and he will visit you in your dreams.

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