From Spotify Artist Oleg Krylov Listen to the amazing album: Sci-Fi Odyssey

Oleg Krylov is a composer and music producer working on projects across the globe. He doesn’t tolerate compromises in quality and believes every song should be beautiful, funky, or expressive, or a combination thereof. Shaping the sonic spectrum from symphonic orchestra to hip-hop beats, Oleg’s signature lies in his careful crafting, avoiding pre-recorded loops or borrowed music parts. Oleg composes and arranges tracks to capture new emotions, guided by his belief that music is the language of the soul. While he’s known for his movie scores and classical orientation, he’s branching out to more non-academic genres, bringing his music closer to a wider audience. He’s recently diving into styles like hip-hop/rap, pop, indie-rock, jazz, electronics, and experimental genres, showcasing his unparalleled versatility.
Sci-Fi Odyssey tracks were originally composed as a score to one of short movies. However, since it wasn’t presented to the public, Oleg decided to publish it in the form of the album.

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