From Spotify Artist Nazare Twinkle Listen to the amazing song: Pick Up The Phone

Nazare Twinkle is a passionate, bubbly and committed music professional with the talent and drive to succeed in the music industry. A boom box stereo was played on her delivery in Oct 2000 and ever since then she has been a major music fanatic. She took part in various singing performances at school and always maintained a love to entertain. Nazare began an artist development programme in 2011 with Kids Company, a former charity set up for young people who had fallen out of education. Her first few tracks were recorded with Sweetie Irie who was a mentor at the company and before long ‘One BlueBird’ heard and recognised her potential and began working on songwriting and original material, as well as the development of a unique vocal tone and range.

The singers’ material has since been pursued and closely monitored by XL Records UK and Charlie Fink from Noah & The Whale, as part of the recognition for her early songwriting and singing promise. Nazare Twinkle has now teamed up with i4 Music Ltd – a new independent digital record company founded by ‘One BlueBird’ – to release the debut single ‘Pick Up The Phone’ in April 2020. It is hoped that a new ray of light will shine in a time of profound change and gloom for some and that Nazare’s smooth alto tones and chromatic melodies accompanied by the club sounding ‘bashy pop’ beat, will uplift the mood of the masses with the presentation of this singalong banger.

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