From Spotify Artist “Mute” Listen to the amazing song: Like l’m a Billionaire

Mute is the solo project of UK songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Ross Martin. As a former session musician and founding member of Absent Elk, Ross has spent his career crafting hundreds of songs with other vocalists (not being satisfied with the sound of his own voice).

A recent revelation was that there was no need for a dissatisfaction with his own recorded voice to hold him back from developing a solo project. It’s about the song itself. The process consists of writing and producing songs, muting his own voice (after sharing with the guest vocalist as a guide), and seeking out a range of amazing vocal talent from around the world to replace it with.

In doing so, he becomes Mute. ‘Like I’m a Billionaire’ is the first in a series of upcoming releases and is about the fact that there are things (and people) in life more valuable than anything that can be bought with money

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