From Spotify Artist Mute Listen to the amazing song: Drummer Boy

Mute is the solo project of UK songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Ross Martin. As a former session musician, Ross has spent his career crafting hundreds of songs with other vocalists (not being satisfied with the sound of his own voice). A recent revelation was that there was no need for a dissatisfaction with his own recorded voice to hold him back from developing a solo project. It’s about the song itself. The process consists of writing and producing songs, muting his own voice (after sharing with the guest vocalist as a guide), and seeking out a range of amazing vocal talent from around the world to replace it with. In doing so, he becomes Mute.

The semi-autobiographical ballad ‘Drummer Boy’ recalls the golden era of 70’s singer/songwriters, with subtle electronic synth flourishes and a charismatic performance giving it a moving, distinctively modern feel. Drummer Boy is a story of ambition, proving the doubters wrong, and success against all odds.

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