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Michal Habrda

For the very first time Michal was significantly affected by music at the age of thirteen when a gipsy band Bratri (the Brothers) practised close to his place. Band Bratri was inspired by big beat, sound, and vocals of the Beatles, and they played mainly own songs. Their frontman was Josef Peter – singer and bass guitar player. Michal was fascinated by this instrument, and he arranged private lessons with Josef. It was not only big beat that formed Michal – at that time he was interested in movie and classical (especially baroque) music.

Throughout his work he invests his time in self-education and he is interested in film and its processing. His emphasis is especially on the filming and on the camera. As a cameraman he shot many various projects, documents, and clips. Here we can see the demonstration of his passion for combining sound, music, and film with its sense for detail and originality.

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