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Mat Skalski is a French musician known for his soulful blend of rap and singing, infused with intricate instrumentals and intimate guitars. Vagabonding all around france since young , Skalski grew up with a passion for music, and started writing and performing at a young age.

His talent for combining different genres and creating his own unique style soon caught the attention of music lovers across the internet.
Skalski’s music is characterized by a smooth groove in his flow and multisyllabic rhymes, which reflect his love for hip-hop and his admiration for artists such as Nas,Big Pun, The Roots, and Sublime .

Despite his talent and obsession as a musician, Skalski faced personal struggles with addictions and mental health. However, he used his experiences as a source of inspiration and motivation to turn his life around. Through his music, Skalski shares his observations of the world and spreads a message of hope, encouraging others to overcome their own challenges and pursue their dreams.

Skalski’s music has gained him a loyal fanbase, and he has performed at numerous events throughout France. His debut EP, [Gratitude], will be released in Summer 2023
Today, Skalski built his Studio and own Label, he continues to create music that speaks to the heart and soul, and his journey serves as an inspiration to many.

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‘Inadapté’ is one of the most thoughtful, meditative French hip-hop tracks you will hear this year. Mat Skalski has a deft sense of rhythm and flow, his hopeful, expressive voice conveying a message that transcends language. But for French speakers, there is plenty to dig into.
He addresses the constant feelings of loneliness and isolation that come from never quite fitting in. It will make you stop and consider your place in the world. Perfect for any international hip-hop playlists.

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