From Spotify Artist Lilian Dinma Listen to the amazing song: If you Believe

Lilian Chidinma Okoro (born April 1983). She is professionally known by her stage name Lilian Dinma. She is a Nigerian and Argentina Denmark based talented Afro contemporary Sensational Gospel singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and fashion stylist.

Lilian made her first appearance into the music scene 2005/2006 in which songs were aired on NTA, RSTv and the giant firm Silver Birds Television in addition to some other spectacular ones. She buzzed with her first studio album in 2006. Due to her busy schedules she was compelled to perform, she left hometown Nigeria which made her put music to a halt for some period.

Still having the desire for music, Lilian was writing songs and rehearsing them so as to equip herself with the skills even though she was on a temporal break.

In 2015, Lilian bounced back strongly with her first debut single titled ‘Na You Be the One’. This record got her brand promoted on top-notch media platforms in Nigeria. Following this record came so many singles including her popular single “Turn by Turn” featuring Tim Godfrey.

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