From Spotify Artist Justin Browne Listen to the amazing song: Journey Home

This music producer hails from Co. Wexford, Ireland but now resides in Waterford.
His music production interests predominantly began in the early 90s.
Bands such as Moby, Air, The Prodigy’s popularity grew in Ireland & UK and indeed across Europe.
However, it was the explosion of dance/trance music towards the end of the 90s that finally captured his undivided attention.
Not only was the music itself influential to him but he began to explore and study music structure/design and sound elements.
Of course it was not until the advent and the readily availability of computer music software which allowed him to fully and totally immerse himself
into the computer music production area using software’s such as Ableton, Reason and FLStudio.
In the past he has created tracks in various music genres, ranging from Ambient, Chill, Soundscape, Trance and all it subgenre

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