From Spotify Artist Joe Hermes Listen to the amazing song: Used To Be Me

Joe’s latest single, “Used To Be Me,” Co-written and produced by Grammy winning Dale Oliver and Vinny Hickerson (Trailor Choir) testifies to his incredible talent climbing to Top 60 on Nashville’s Music Row Chart as an unsigned artist in July of 2023 preceded by Joe being the 4th most downloaded artist on the PlayMPE charts in April of 2023 and the 11th most downloaded Independent artist in July of 2023. His full-length 2023 LP release, “Rockin’ A Country Town,” is finally here and available on all major streaming platforms!

This former college football standout, began his Nashville Journey in 2019 having a featured music video “Otherside” on The Country Network. Working with top aces like Buddy Hyatt, Brent Mason and Lonnie Wilson on Joe’s debut EP “Souls with Stones” it was just the beginning to a promising career. Once Joe and Dale Oliver met and began writing songs in 2020, the sound and crossover rock/country “Black Label Country” brand is coming to life with a bright vision of future success. In the last two years alone, Joe has had 3 songs on the Music Row Charts Top 100 with his current single sitting at #59 in August 2023.

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