From Spotify Artist Hot Shot Kixxx Listen to the amazing song: Weather Warning

Hot Shot Kixxx is an Alternative Indie Rock band from El Paso, Texas formed in 2015 by frontman and primary songwriter Juan Carlos “JC” Villalobos. Originally a four-piece group, Hot Shot Kixxx is now a three-piece band consisting of JC on lead vocals and guitar, Demetrio “Damian Gray” Gonzalez on bass, and David “Choko” Ponce on the drums. Hot Shot Kixxx released their debut album ‘Devils at It Again’ in 2020, which is a dark and moody proposition for contemporary music, and features a variety of musical styles including Metal, Funk, Grunge, and Acid Rock. They recently release a fresh single titled ‘Weather Warning’ form their upcoming second album ‘Still I’.

Many of the songs played by Hot Shot Kixxx consist of moving and melodic guitar riffs, powerful dynamic shifts, and brooding vocals that remind us of Grunge and Rock bands of the 90’s. Hot Shot Kixxx has been active mostly in its hometown of El Paso, Texas, and despite plans of going on tour in support of its debut album release in 2020, the band was ultimately forced to cancel its touring plans due to the COVID pandemic.

Following the pandemic Hot Shot Kixxx has toured in Laredo, TX, Austin, TX, San Antonio, TX, with more shows scheduled in 2023 including Houston and San Antonio, TX as well as internationally in Chihuahua, CHIH, Mexico.

Hot Shot Kixxx has released five official music videos for the songs ‘Tadpoles’, ‘Intimidation’, ‘Cellulove’, ‘Witchcraft’, and ‘Xipe Totec’, with their second album titled ‘Still I’ set for release in 2023, and plans of a North American tour in support of its release following soon after.

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