From Spotify Artist Heart Shaped Zombie Listen to the amazing song: Have We Won?

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Denver, Colorado, Heart Shaped Zombie is a female fronted rock band that blends the raw power of nu metal with the gritty allure of ’90s rock, sultry vocals, indie sensibilities, and the intricate complexity of prog rock.

Heart Shaped Zombie’s sonic landscape journeys through the depths of emotion and sonic experimentation. Drawing inspiration from icons like Tool, Nirvana, Cranberries, and The Kills, they craft a sound that’s as haunting as it is hypnotic.

Recently, Heart Shaped Zombie released their single, “Have We Won,” a battle anthem that encapsulates the band’s creative signature time changes with melodic vocals. With a sound reminiscent of Tool, it’s no wonder this track has become their set-closer. 🎸 Unique Sounds: Steven’s guitar prowess shines as he weaves intricate licks that draws-in listeners.

This, in combination with Garret’s talented drumming and Herman’s bass flare set the music bed for lyrics and vocals. Whether it’s their relatable lyrics, the semi-familiar tones, the changing time signatures, or powerful vocals, delivered from a diminutive frame, Heart Shaped Zombie’s presence teeters between a hook and an enigma, forging a craving between the band and their audiences.

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