From Spotify Artist GummyBare Listen to the amazing song: Sertraline (B4 U Speak)

“GummyBare” is a DJ/Producer who packs a punch with his blend EDM. Multi-talented, with two decades of experience, his music emits full vitality.

Real name, Ronald Licka; he was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With a passion for music & sports, both strengthened & energised him. His diverse musical taste led him to listen to a wide range of genres, but it was Chicago House that set off his enthusiasm for Electronic Dance Music. Later, a roommate named Lynz Floren, taught him to play electric bass and produce. Together they formed a freestyle band and merged their musical ideas.

Moving into DJing, he manifested his musical abilities and gained his first DJ residency in 1997 at Stooges, in St Joseph, Michigan. Through the years, he sang in cover bands and performed DJ sets at various venues & festivals under the name “dhat part” & “Ronnie Cash.”

A confident & communicative person, who worked as a bartender and manager, he later moved into selling cars. On the side, he continued to create music and, with a natural flair for DJing, left the car business in early 2022 and ploughed himself full-time into production.

“GummyBare” & “dhat part” can be found on most music platforms such as “Apple Music, Soundcloud, Tidal and Spotify. His latest releases are “Making the Rent” & “Aerophobia.” With over two decades as a DJ, “dhat part” is inspired to create music that stimulates and motivates.

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