From Spotify Artist Gianna Minichiello Listen to the amazing song: Killed It

​Gianna Minichiello wrote her first original song called “Thinking Too Much” and released a Music Video for the song in 2017 . The success of the song caught the attention of Music Producers. With Gianna’s powerful raspy unique voice she has had the opportunity to work with some of the best Grammy Award Winning Producers like Skidd Mills from Nashville, Chris Moon who discovered “Prince”, and Tony Catania who produced “Scatman John” . She has also had the opportunity to work alongside with a team of talented musicians like Kent Slucher who is Gianna’s studio drummer from Luke Bryan band and continues to work on new music projects to get her music out there.

Gianna’s songs released since 2019 have been played on different radio stations in US, UK, and Canada. She has been on Fox The Morning Blend Show, More in Morning, Living East Tennessee, ABC7 to name a few. Gianna did commercial work for Oak Farms for their advertisements for TV and Radio. Gianna has performed in several cities, festivals, and has opened for National Acts in concert in the US.

​Gianna as an Independent Artist seeks every opportunity that will get her closer to her goal of making the Grammy’s one day. She continues to write music, record, and perform to achieve her goal in life.

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