From Spotify Artist Embar Kaur Listen to the amazing song: dumpling shop

Adelaide singer-songwriter Embar Kaur produces whimsical pop music without overthinking it. In
fact, it’s common for her to sign off on newly-written songs in a matter of hours. But the no-
nonsense formula doesn’t sacrifice depth; Embar commands attention with a soulful voice and
powerfully stacked harmonies.

Embar also proudly channels her South Asian heritage into her sound. She grew up singing religious songs with her grandparents after kindergarten – and now, she infuses her pop hooks with instruments like the tabla, and incorporates lyrics in Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi.
Embar’s latest single Dumpling Shop is a perfect blend of all the elements she’s fast becoming known for. It’s a musical illustration of how you can smile your way out of a rough patch, combining candid lyrics with upbeat instrumentation to tell the story. It’s also the exciting shape of things to come, with more music from Embar on the way this year.

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