From Spotify Artist Eivind Huseboe Listen to the amazing song: Around the World

Eivind Husebo is a dandelion. Norwegian artist based in Bergen (Osteroy) His haunting, addictive record ‘Wild N Blue’ (2019) was a collaboration between DJ Symphony (Wu-Tang Clan) and music producer Warren young(London) Valestrand i mitt Hjerte. Is a local fotball song for Valestrand Hjellvik Congratulations 30 years old football club. Thanx to my friend Tom Andre Tysse for support on the awesome random streaming concert at klyvvikje (Osteroy) Eivind made some swing rock and give to some fans/ Instagram followers, one was going to Denmark And one to Sweden, the last one to did almost go to London. It’s a symbol for have fun in the moment we are in now. Language of love is a song for the kids show he have with his father, Eivind & skrotman show. Eivind Husebe loves the guitar instrument so much that he saved up to buy his own brand-new guitar. at only 10 years old. Even his dad was going to the church then He was playing solos at the the Asane church. around the world. Release From the word was changing whit Covid drums by Josh Podolak trumpet by Kelly O’Donohue (brass section musician for P!nk) Xander Milne

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