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Edward Crowther is an American hard-rock artist and one of the original founding members of the Carolina rock group Burban (the “Band” or “Group”). From 2017 to 2021, he led the Band as the lead guitarist playing a pivotal role in the Group’s success. Burban would span a large discography (inclusive of three different lineups) starting with the band’s debut EP “Shot of Rock,” which was followed by a slew of singles reveled in plenty of decadence and sleaze.

While the band reigned the classic rock revival in the Carolinas, a combination of elements would mark the Band as a rock n’ roll tragedy – ultimately leading to the Group’s demise. Following Burban’s self-destruction, Edward took a one-year hiatus from the music scene where he would rediscover himself as an artist. Left over with songs of the past and constantly writing new material, he would jump back in the studio to record his debut single “Who The Hell (You Think You Are)” releasing back in June of 2021 and marking the official start of his solo career.

Edward’s music cultivates an original rock style of slithery riffs, bluesy pentatonic leads, and off the cuff grooves. In an era filled with bubble gum pop and over dubbed rap, he fills an iconic, yet forgotten role as a genuine hard-rock lead guitarist carrying the flag of rock n’ roll in the modern world. Edward currently resides in Charlotte, NC where he produces and records his own original music at his home studio (Burban Records).

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