From Spotify Artist DJ Le Pash Listen to the amazing song: Right Now – Radio Edit

MC/Host/DJ Le Pash drops his brand new track ‘Right Now’ featuring LIANN (Henry Hacking ‘Made Up My Mind’/ Kenan Waters ‘Take Me Home’) and produced by Darren Martyn (Tom Zanetti – You Want Me).
‘Right Now’ is a catchy and infectious Pop/House summer vibe. Le Pash brings hook after hook in his flows and LIANN brings her current soulful vocal to the chorus.
Le Pash says “I wanted to bring something fresh and new to house! Big hooks and catchy verses and a monstrous beat! So here I am with my new single”.

Le Pash is no stranger to the music scene he has worked alongside the likes of DJ EZ, PIONEER, SHORTEE BLITZ, RAMSEY AND FENN, PIED PIPER, DJ LUCK AND MC NEAT, MC ULTRA, MC CREED, B-LIVE, MISTEEQ, SO SOLID CREW, OXIDE & NEUTRINO, MC SKIBADEE & SHABBA D, HEARTLESS CREW, DJ IRONIK, N-DUBZ just to name a few and regularly attended North Cyprus and Ayia Napa to DJ/MC and Host in the Islands busiest and biggest clubs and regularly tours with Cappella as their 2nd MC.

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