From Spotify Artist Derrick 3D Davis Listen to the amazing song: It Will Be Alright

Derrick 3D Davis, is an inspiring gospel artist and songwriter who has a style of music that uplifts, encourages, and motivates every listener to give God praise. It doesn’t matter your age, you will be blessed by his unique sound, more importantly his message. Derrick, born and raised in Savannah GA, grew up in a musical family. His first love for music was playing drums at his local church, then a few years later he began writing songs and making music. However, he also was involved in activities he learned as a youth from the streets of Chatham County.

After graduating high school, Derrick moved to Tampa FL to start college while searching for a change in life. During this time Derrick found himself still living a life outside the will of God. But, by His grace, the Lord protected him from things seen and unseen. Then one day, Derrick realized that all the money and all the benefits of the world did not give him joy like before. So, he prayed and asked God to help him, and from that moment Derrick was never the same. God isolated him with unfamiliar territory in the city of Orlando, and started preparing him for his calling to New Life. Shortly after that, Derrick gave his life to the Lord!

Focused and driven to fulfill his purpose, he took his gift of song writing and music creativity to another level and released his first project titled; “Word On The Street”. This project came from his personal testimony knowing that it was nobody but God, who blessed him to make it out of a rough lifestyle and gave him a second chance. Derrick, has produced and released several projects as a recording artist. He released his 1st album titled; “Living Vessel” in January of 2022. After much success, he’s currently back in the studio working on his 2nd album, which is set to release in 2023. He does events for Churches, Schools, Communities, Parties and more.

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