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David Michael Wilson grew up in Indiana moving from town to town because of his father’s Job as a Pastor. Along with his twin brother, David started playing music in church around age 8 and eventually formed a band with the neighborhood kids playing rock music.

He attended school in Monroe , IN, Wabash, IN and Elkhart Indiana. He Also Attended IPFW in Fort Wayne, IN. Eventually in 2008, After being encouraged by enough people, he and his twin brother decided to make the big move to Nashville TN where David began playing and got noticed at The most famous Honky Tonk in the Nashville (Tootsies) Where is played at for many Nashville nights along with other Venues in downtown Nashville.

He joined the Nashville Songwriters association where he had 3 song pitches get recommended for publishers luncheons. David has appeared on the hit television series show Nashville and even had one of his original songs he had written about Covid-19 aired and talked about along with an interview on one of Nashvilles biggest television stations News Channel 5.

He writes, records and produces all of his own material is his Studio at his residence and is has now released his biggest single yet to Country Radio (Big House) with much more to come!

David Michael Wilson gaining traction in recent years, and we think now is the perfect time to discover the unique sound David Michael Wilson bring to the table.

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