From Spotify Artist Dajana Listen to the amazing song: Part of Me

Discover the Swedish multi talented music producer, singer-songwriter, and artist Dajana. The artist who’s niche is not to have a niche. Being born in Belgrad, half Nigerian and adopted to Sweden at the age of 3, the multicultural Dajana are exploring music through curiosity and rootlessness and catches inspiration from the whole world in her songs.
With captivating melody hooks, alternative R&B/pop productions you can always expect the unexpected in Dajanas authentic music.

About the song:

Part of me is a uptempo R&B, Pop song that makes you think about Billie Eilish superhit Bad Guy, or of a more analog The weekend type of vibe.
Part of me is a song about addiction that the artist Dajana wrote a few years before she got sober and describes the love-hate relationship she had towards herself and her self-destructive behaviors. Dajana has now been sober for over 4 years and is a proud 12 step sponsor.

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