From Spotify Artist Citi Boi Ced Listen to the amazing song: You’re Priceless

Citi Boi Ced is a seasoned Oklahoma artist who thrives in realistic expressions of music. By being authentic, he became one of the most notable and prolific artists in the state of Oklahoma. His mission is enriched in making great music for the feel and love of it. If you like one track, it’s a possibility you’ll enjoy other music such as singles/albums that he’s done over the years. Citi Boi Ced has never been contained into one genre.

His style is so sophisticated that it’s a must you listen to his overall content and expression of thought. This track “Priceless” is just a single off of the soon to be released album “Artistic Expression.” If you like Citi Boi Ced’s vibe. Follow and share!! And let’s live through the music 🎶

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