From Spotify Artist Chim San Listen to the amazing song: Blame It on Me

Behind the pseudonym CHIM SAN is the bassist and composer Achim Seifert, who has already made a name for himself in the field of jazz and improvised music. Besides of that, he got writing credits for some of Germany’s biggest pop artists. Over time, he gravitated towards the art of music production and followed his passion for songwriting. Many tracks were created, who feel at home in synth- and dancepop.

Broad synthesizers, driving rhythms and especially catchy hooks characterize CHIM SAN’s handwriting. At the same time there is a slight melancholy, but also a positive and light-hearted attitude in the tracks, which is contagious and makes you want to move. CHIM SAN is currently working on many more songs which will be released step by step.

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