From Spotify Artist Chef Dee Listen to the amazing album: Chef’s Kiss

Chef Dee, also known as D’Andre Pyke, has had passions for both singing and cooking since he was 9 years old. Dee studied culinary arts throughout high school and into college, but just one year in, he decided that his priority is to pursue his music, and has been doing so since November 2016. With his culinary dreams on the backburner, but ever a part of his identity, Chef Dee is a figure in a new generation of complex, multi-talented individuals who are proud of it all.
Chef’s father, Darrell Pyke, is his biggest inspiration. A man who had always sang to uplift spirits, he passed away in 2011, early in Dee’s high school career. Having loved freestyling and singing with his friends, Chef knows he can go far in music, and hopes to honor his singing father in doing so.
Above all, Dee’s goal is to create a welcoming space for old and new fans alike to come together, turn up, and enjoy the music.

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