From Spotify Artist Blueprint Tokyo Listen to the amazing song: Say Anything

Oklahoma’s Blueprint Tokyo creates a mixture of rhythmic post-punk and sophisticated pop with points that range from upbeat indie to melodic synth pop. The band is armed with songs that provide hooks and atmosphere that have been called “intense, tender and driving with inspired indie rock dreaminess”. Look for new music in 2023.

“An atmospheric, enthralling song, reminiscent of The Police. A dose of energy and grit gives the song a great impact. Blueprint Tokyo should stand out in the underground scene.”

Blueprint Tokyo is an indie rock that spans multiple countries. We love hooks and atmosphere.

Andy and Kevin had been playing across the states. Being on the brink of full-time musicians, Kevin was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease forcing him to stop. Without insurance, his diagnosis and treatment eventually came through charities, personal debt, and benefits. After a move to Canada, the duo reconnected to restart their musical journey. With a new lease on life and new songs in hand and emerging from the pandemic, their new band Blueprint Tokyo is starting fresh.

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