From Spotify Artist Big Gee Listen to the amazing song: Shine Regardless

Coming out of Detroit MI with a sound that’s simultaneously fresh whilst channeling the best of classic era 90s hip hop, is Big Gee. 100% authentic, this artist has a sound that the world needs to hear. 
 Starting out at just 15 years old, Big Gee honed his craft before dropping his first mixtape in 2018. This is a career on a jet-propelled trajectory, covering just four years so far but encompassing multiple releases and a formidable live presence.

Local shows at Studio 51, Club Bleu, opening for artists including Baby Face Ray and Sterl Gotti amongst others, confirm an artist getting all of the right kind of attention. Building on 2019’s ‘Different Breed’ EP, and ‘Corner Store Kid’ early in 2020 Big Gee drops off Jefè Montè 5/7.2021 to show he is still the best with his craft. This is a creator spreading his wings and building a portfolio of work that’s sure to take him to the next level.

Big Gee captures a sound that’s both new and familiar at the same time; There’s the sun soaked, laid back beats of golden era hip-hop but with a distinct Detroit edge as Big Gee narrates a life of fighting hard for success via fine tuned lyrical flow and a distinct vocal. Audiences can’t help react to a sound that’s so powerful yet sophisticated. Jump on one of 2023s most essential new voices. Listen to Big Gee, today

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