From Spotify Artist Benzo Lenoir Listen to the amazing album: Life is for the living

Benzo Lenoir music is the most Versatile of his Generation. Indeed, Benzo Lenoir music has multiple genre : Afro (AfroBeat &afrotrap); Hip-hop ; Trap music, CongoTrap music and French rap. Benzo lenoir also speak 3 different languages: English, French and Lingala which he incorporated in his music. His First album “Prodigy” just passed 200,000 streams on spotify.

His hunger for success, focus, determination, respect for others and his capacity to not only inspire people around him but also uplifting them into designing their own dreams has earned him the respect of his peers in the music industry but also his fans. Also known as The Black Leopon or the God Flow or the Drip God.

He has worked with up and coming artists such as Izzy- Baba-Melo ; Swego; Tila David etc… in December 2021, he opened up for The Legend Awilo Longomba in Portland Oregon.
His new Project “Life is for the living” part 1 Just dropped Friday,June 09 2023

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