From Spotify Artist AUZI Listen to the amazing song: Halo

I grew up in Ypsilanti Michigan, went to school at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor). I started freestyling with my friends at the end of high school and ended up making a song in my dorm at college. It received a lot of good feedback so I decided to continue to make music. Turns out I ended up really liking the process and it was how I decided to spend my time. Instead of going out to the bar with my friends I would be at home making music. Over the past 5 years I’ve been working on perfecting my craft and finding my style.

I’m hoping this passion will turn into a career so I can focus on it 100% of the time. Maybe one day I’ll get there. The song is about a girl I used to date. I also kind of wrote it about a new girl I was seeing. But it’s mainly about the first girl. We started off as friends because she was seeing someone else at the time but we had an irresistible attraction towards one another. We finally kissed and she broke things off with the other guy and we started dating. After about a year she was going to travel to a different country for a couple months so we broke things off (I was expecting to get back together when she came back) and when she came back she decided she wanted to focus on herself so we didn’t get back together.

Over the next couple months she would message me about how she wanted to get back together but wasn’t ready so I just waited. We were deeply in love with each other but just at different points in our lives where it didn’t really make much sense. I had to deal with the heartbreak and thought I was finally okay. Once I accepted we weren’t going to be together she decided she wanted to try again so we did. Then she eventually broke things off again due to different interests. I would also text her when I was intoxicated and mess things up even further.

I knew things weren’t really going to work out. After about 6 months we started seeing each other again but casually knowing we wouldn’t get back together. I just couldn’t resist her and was always so happy to see her. She would lift my spirits and I was always a much better person around her (hence the main line of the song “She could lift my Halo”). This all happened multiple times until we eventually just cut ties.

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