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Magnus Bergman 

Artist name Animal Steel 

Swedish musician Animal Steel picked up a guitar when he was 12 years old and hasn’t looked back since. He grew up listening to classic rock and roll bands, like Jimi Hendrix Pink Floyd Deep Purple Mike Oldfield and heavy metal bands, like Judas Priest. Pantera etc.

Animal Steel creates music inspired by his life, expressing a wide range of emotions in each song. From happiness and glee to a somber and reflective tone, his music exudes an emotion for every moment in life.

In the studio, Animal Steel plays guitar, bass guitar, drums, and keyboard, in addition to singing vocals. He enjoys experimenting with new music styles, like metal, blues, rock, and instrumental chill music.

Since launching his music career, Animal Steel has released 4 albums and several EPs and Singles. He looks forward to releasing new music throughout 2023 and far beyond.

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